Costa Rica's #1 Tour Provider

We are proud to partner with Costa Rica's #1 Tour / Excursion provider Natives Ways. When you book through Hero Academy, you benefit an amazing cause and get the best provider in the country! Using our portal means that Hero gets a small commission from each tour. Hero Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit providing free athletic, mentorship and fitness programs to over 700 local Costa Rican children since 2016. 


Golf Carts

Want to zip around town in style and be eco friendly? Earth Gear Golf carts provide a great, affordable option to explore Tamarindo. Click below to reserve your cart. 

Gas Golf Carts

Need some wheels in Tamarindo but don't have access to plug your golf cart in? Click the link to reserve your gas golf cart. 

Want to save $150 dollars on your first retreat?

Special offer for first time customers. Fill out this form for your code.

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