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  • United States 501(c)(3) under Hero Academy CR
  • All Donations are tax deductible in the US
  • Registered disaster relief agency with Costa Rican CNE (Center for National Emergency)
  • Costa Rican Asociation de Beneficia

You Can Help

Choose a charity program below and click the donate button to help our cause.

HeroKids Program

We have provided free fitness classes to over 1500 local kids in the Guanacaste area since 2016. 95% of the kids in our program train at zero cost. In addition they're provided safe transportation, uniforms and access to our other programs. Our offerings have expanded from martial arts into gymnastics, acrobatics, kickboxing, boxing, parkour amongst other disciplines. The majority of our kids are referred to us from local charities as at risk youth in need of positive influences. We strive to offer opportunities a brighter future for them.

HeroKids Program Costa Rica

Sponsor a Hero

Be a Hero for your community and the world. Sponsor one of our HeroKids on their Journey. Your contribution helps fun their training, uniform, and safe transportation to and from the academy. 

2020 COVID-19

The Hero Academy network from near and far has generously stepped up and donated food and resources to aid the local community during the economic crisis. What started as an immediate need to provide food and supplies to families within the Hero Kids program completely ballooned into a full-fledged disaster relief program. We started with a goal to provide food to 20 families with basic food and supply needs. During 2020 we delivered over 180,000 meals to local families. In addition through the TamaFeeds program, there have been over 3300 hot meals served to the area homeless and less fortunate. 

We are no longer taking donations for this program. 

Hero Community Food Bank Program
food program

2017 Hurricane Nate Relief

After Nate hit this area in 2017, many of the local communities experienced wide spread flooding. Families within our program were displaced from their homes. Our Founders Lola, Rome and Jerad stepped in to effect change. Hero Academy was turned into a temporary shelter. Lola organized resources and collected donations to distribute and went into the field to care for those effected. Funds were allocated to provide basic food / supplies and even help repair damaged homes. 

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