New Student – What to Expect

What to wear

See our schedule here and decide if you're coming to a Gi or No Gi class. In Gi class, we have plenty of uniforms that you can borrow for the day. Underneath the Gi, you'll want to wear underwear and a tight fitting shirt, preferably a rashguard. For a No Gi class, board shorts without zippers or yoga pants are best along with a tight fitting shirt or preferably a rashguard. We have rashguards for sale. Don't wear anything baggy or that has pockets, zippers or belt loops. Fingers can get caught and twisted dangerously in items like this. No jewelry of any type: rings, chains, earrings etc. All kids classes are in the Gi, but not required. We have some you can use if needed.   


What to expect. Do I need to be 'in shape'?

If it is your first class, let the instructor or manager know so you can fill out a waiver form. Show up 15 minutes early and meet everyone and get a little stretch in. We have bathrooms to change and water dispensers. Don't wait to start because you think you're not in shape, anyone can do this and it's our job to teach you safely. You do what you're comfortable with and the instructor will make sure you're never in over your head. If you feel intimidated (everyone does at first) we also offer private one-on-one 'Introduction to Jiu Jitsu' classes for beginners.

The Class

Class is lead by a coach with many years of experience. We want you and all our other students to practice safely and avoid injury. Safety is our top priority. Class starts with a light warm-up (15-25 minutes), some movement based drills and stretching. All these movements will feel strange and counter-intuative at first, don't worry that's normal. After warm-up we will do technique (30 minutes) where the instructor shows a technique or series and you drill with zero resistence with a partner. Once again, this will all feel strange at first, but trust in the process. After technique there is live positional rolling. If you're brand new, you're not permitted to live train until the instructor deems you competant to not hurt anyone or yourself (3 weeks to 3 months). Once ready, we will start you in low pressure 'escape' type scenerios with upper belts that have experience with new students. This is for the safety and injury prevention of you and your teammates. Classes last 1-1.5 hours. We have showers available after class if you'd like 

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This is a priority for all people training Jiu Jitsu. Please shower before and immediately after class. Make sure your fingernails are cut. Your training clothes must be clean or you are not permitted to train. Have a ponytail holder if you have long hair and make sure your clothing is tight fitting so nothing is falling out. Wear deodorant and shoes to the academy. We cannot permitting anyone showing up without shoes to train.  

Basic Rules

This is training, not fighting. We understand coming in new that no one knows the rules. As we said earlier, safety is our top concern. If you break basic rules, the instructors and advanced students will speak with you and inform you. If you continue to break the same rules, you won't welcome at the gym.

1) No picking up / slamming, Practice proper take downs 2) No striking, punching or kicking in BJJ class 3) No eye gouging or hair pulling 4) No neck cranks 5) Pay attention and be respectful to your instructors and teammates alike.

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After Class

We nurture a family environment. You'll see people hang out at the gym after class to talk, drill or roll a little longer. You're welcome to hang out and chat with your teammates. 


Ask your instructor and fellow students any questions you may have. We are all here to help each other and grow as martial artists and people. If you don't feel comfortable, ask Ron via WhatsApp or IG. We are here to help you. Jiu Jitsu means a lot to all of us and sharing it with new people is something we all love.  

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Monthly Dues and Fees

Speak with Martha about monthly fees as she has the most current rates. Please pay your fees by the 5th of every month. Remember, we are a charity for kids and the actual gym loses money every month. It is funded from the proceeds from retreats. Pay your dues and contribute where you can. 

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